Sep 21st

The General Files Library

In an ode to the BBS era, the General Files section was where you could find files that were other than programs or data. the Reset Vector’s aims to pay tribute to this, and serve as a hub of memories, flashbacks and information.

The General Files Section is part of the Reset Vector and the content here is mostly from my archives of literature, pamphlets, handouts, documentation, and general paraphernalia of the era. Submissions are welcome too!

Organization and presentation is mostly by manufacture/vendor/author or common association. Where / when items are attributable to an individual, the person’s last name will be the first part of the file names as to provide grouping in the directory listings.

A little about the compilation, and the site contents.

Please respect any attributions to source, creator, author or such and leave these in place and reference our archive as the source where applicable.

As a collection, the compilation, descriptions, presentation is being released under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial, No Derivatives License.

Of course I retain all rights to my created content.

The intention is to disseminate information to the masses for preservation. With that comes those who feel that they just have to download everything. That’s fine. I’m even guilty of that. If you want to make a mirror, go for it. If you want to grab it all and present it as your own.. I’m sure you’ll realize at some point throughout the process that a lot of effort went into making these materials available and attribution costs nothing to leave, but the return on such is priceless.

Ex-Libris – the ResetVector General Philes Archive.

…end Of phile…

Creative Commons License
The Reset Vector General Files Section by Tony Diaz (tdiaz(-at-)apple2()org) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License